These photos must have been added recently to Daveland because I’ve NEVER seen them before until today; and trust me, I’ve spent countless hours over the years trying to find clear, high-quality photos of the original Disneyland Submarine Voyage mermaids.  These are amazing.

This is the exactly how I remember the mermaids looking when I was little, only back then they seemed SO incredibly lifelike, I was in awe.  From my first visit at age 4 until the ride closed when I was 11, I remember being obsessively fascinated by them.  I think it intensified even more-so after the Subs closed because I began to forget.  Over time I found videos on youtube and was able to relive my memories:

  • Here is a promotional video from 1959, mermaids visible from 2:45-2:56.  Clearest video I’ve found of them to date despite being in black & white.
  • This video appears to have been filmed around the time the attraction closed, mermaids visible from 2:42-2:53.  You see hardly any mermaids and they’re barely swimming.  Just floating along.  I remember them being more like the first video.

The mermaids (and ride itself) had a magical, nostalgic charm that also made it sort of creepy at the same time.  The mermaids themselves were moving animatronics, but they just seem to shimmy through the water like giant Barbie dolls.  Actually, VERY creepy watching those videos as an adult.  Still cool to finally come across high-res photos of the creatures who still occasionally haunt my dreams to this day. haha That retro-looking face, ahh, just as I remember it.

Oh, and the gentlemen testing her out in the bottom photos is Disney Imagineer Bob Sewell.  The photos were taken in February 1959 prior to the attraction’s opening.  I’m done geeking out and being a weirdo now. :)

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